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July 03 2010

June 22 2010

Android Tablet coming this fall.

I read an article from http://androidtablet.us that this fall there would be nice android tablets available in the market from the respectable manufacturer such as HP and DELL. It’s hard for me to wait!

If they are available less than $300 and fast enough not to notice the drag, I will definitely get one for me and my family. Let our children to have fun.

Baned from Wordpress.com

I know that I wrote about my websites often, but I just found out that my wordpress site was banned today. It’s so funny. It’s not like that I abused my account. Maybe wordpress thinks they are some kind of powerful Google like company? So silly.

June 21 2010

June 07 2010

HTC PHONES 101 - Everything about the best HTC phones

At HTCPHONES101.COM, you can find news, reviews, and discussion on the best HTC phones. Also user experience reviews, technical specifications, and details about HTC phones.

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And here is brother site.


Android Tablet 101 - News and Reviews on Android Tablet Devices and Android Applications

You can find the best android tablets and the latest recommendations, news, and reviews on android tablets.

I just love the idea of iPad and portable tablet device but just don’t like the idea of closed Apple’s business concept. They are arrogant and try to control the users with their iPhone and iPad solutions. Unless you jailbreak your device, you cannot enjoy the application freely.

Android is open source OS developed by Google. It’s powerful and yet it’s free. Many smart phones and Internet tablet device vendors are adopting Android rapidly. Recently Apple announced that they would not support Adobe Flash, but the latest Android version 2.2 now supports Flash. Isn’t Android just great or what?

So I am currently waiting for the open source Google Android based tablets. Some android tablets are currently on the market (such as Archos 5 and Archos 7) already. But many major computer hardware manufacturers are planning to release Android tablets later this year 2010. Also price wise, Apple iPad is about $500 and you would still need to spend extra money to use some of their services. But Android based devised are expected to be around $200 ~ $300. Also most likely they will support micro SD card so you don’t have to worry about the disk size unlike the Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

I will share the new and reviews on Android Tablets , so please enjoy reading them.

Android Tablet 101

June 02 2010

January 11 2010

January 06 2010

January 04 2010

December 16 2009


December 12 2009

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